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We solve problems

All things digital. Any time, anywhere.

How can we help?

Sizigia provides holistic consulting support to digital projects at any stage.

AI integration, digital transformation strategies, product-led growth... We understand the complexity of 2024's digital landscape, and the intricate connections between digital components, technical complexity and business needs. 

That's why we created our signature 3Ps approach


Not just slides: Real strategic consulting, real results


We create or improve any solution, from small internal apps to AI integration


Unleash your productivity potential – find the right talent, or enhance your tech teamwork.

Who we work with

We partner up with organisations worldwide, focusing on innovation, technology and impact

Why are we different

We have been in your shoes

After many years working on technology in both small organisations and Public Sector / NFP, we understand your challenges. We know how difficult it is to find to develop a successful strategy, to find the right talent or to efficiently create a digital product.

Global footprint

Sizigia combines in-house talent and a roster of world-class specialists distributed around the globe, able to meet any requirements.

An EU startup struggling to build an AI product?
Need a Japanese-speaking developer?
Want to localise your product to the African market?

Talk to us. We solve problems.

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